Expert Threat Assessment Team

Our threat assessment experts have more than 100 years combined law enforcement experience with large Metropolitan Police Departments, U.S. Secret Service, FBI, state police as well as U.S. Navy Seals, school security and corporate security.

Active Shooter Response for Civilians

If you are engaging an active shooter within your building, then you have already lost.

The majority of active shooter training and consulting in the U.S. is focused on reacting to an active shooter.  In the immediate aftermath of  the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Shooting in Florida, the conversation from the media, law enforcement to policymakers shifted to:

  • Arming teachers

  • Teaching students how to disarm active shooters

  • Multi-million dollar projects to barricade schools

  • Bullet-proof backpacks

There was little discussion about all the signs, threats and behaviors that existed with the shooter prior to the incident or how many law enforcement agencies did not connect the dots with this shooter?

Security Does NOT Start at Our Front Door

I refuse to cede the safety of our children to an active shooter and hope that a barricaded  building will hold until police arrive.  We focus on prevention first and understand that we have to expand our organization's safe zone and create an outer, middle and inner perimeter.

Violence Prevention Models Work

In 1994, Mike McCarty, our CEO, was part of a team of detectives that developed and implemented the largest domestic violence investigative unit in the U.S. for the Nashville, TN Metro Police Department.  Even at that time, leading violence prevention experts claimed you could not prevent murder.



  • 25 men, women and children were killed annually by a family/ household member

  • Less than 50% of victims reported violence to the police



  • Dedicated 33 detectives, 2 prosecutors, 4 counselors and involved community partners

  • Number of domestic murders dropped by more than 50%

  • Law enforcement trained to recognize early signs/ behaviors and intervene

  • Accountability for perpetrators

    • Arrest

    • Counseling

    • Drug/Alcohol Programs

    • Probation/Monitoring

Invest in Prevention

We focus on active shooter prevention first.  Although there is not a single profile of an active shooter, there are many many predictable behaviors:

  • 85% of school shootings involve threats, signs, and/or behaviors prior to the shooting.

  • 54% of mass shootings in the U.S. are related to domestic violence.

Where Do You Start?


Phase 1:  Security Vulnerability Assessment

  • Onsite Security Assessment

  • Assessment of Building Projects

  • Security Policy Review

  • Written Report/ Recommendations


Phase 2:  Admin Training & Policy Development

  • Understanding Predictable Behaviors

  • Active Shooter for Civilians

  • Expanding Organizational Safe Zone

  • Developing & Implementing Policy

  • Defining Roadmap


Phase 3:  Employee Training

  • Understanding Predictable Behaviors

  • Active Shooter for Civilians

  • Expanding Organizational Safe Zone

  • Understanding Security Policy


Develop Threat Assessment/ Security Team

  • Building Coordinated Team

  • Recognizing Threats/ Lethality Indicators

  • Analyzing Data