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What happens when you complete a background check and a week later your volunteer, employee or vendor gets arrested for a serious felony?  That is the nature of background screening.  Until now.  Our new ArrestAlert can help you sleep better at night knowing that if one of someone is arrested for a prohibitive crime, we will freeze their credentials pending your internal investigation and court disposition.  

We are integrated with 90% of the jails across the U.S.


Offender Details

Search provides DOB, SSN (many jails), photos, employer info, address at time of booking, incarceration date, release date, facility name.


Real-Time Data

Research in real time.  ArrestAlert syncs your employee, volunteer or vendor list with a live jail management system.


Nationwide Search

Query over 2,900 criminal justice databases across the country for arrest and release information.


Arrest Alerts

Receive real-time alerts and notifications when a person of interest is booked into jail.


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