RefLynk Integration

Our integration with RefLynk provides access to the most innovative AI HR recruiting technology available.  RefLynk is a text-based software that can provide comprehensive reference feedback on your candidates for employment, volunteers, internships or vendors.

AI Automated Reference Checks

More and more organizations are abandoning reference checks because the traditional methods are time consuming, costly and elicit little competency-based feedback on their candidates.  

RefLynk is a mobile technology that manages every part of the reference checking process from sending surveys and reminders to aggregating feedback into easy to read reports.

RefLynk Case Study

Community Bible Case Study

Community Bible Study came to us with a problem 2 years ago.  They have more than 10,000 volunteers.  Each volunteer was required to provide 3 references.  That resulted in a minimum of 3 telephone calls IF the reference answered and provided feedback.  Then each open-ended question was asked, recorded and reviewed.  A very time-consuming and labor-intensive process.

With RefLynk, we converted this to an automated process that includes all reminders.  The open-ended questions were converted to a Lickert Scale model, so now each reference provides feedback to each questions on a scale of 1 to 5.  

RefLynk has removed hours of labor in calling and compiling reference data.