Problem With Hiring People Before a Background Check is Complete

It is an HR manager’s dream: the perfect candidate walks into an interview with a superb resume, terrific qualifications, and great interview responses. Making them a job offer is a “no brainer.” This is the person for the job; however, this dream can turn into a nightmare very quickly.

This is how:

While the HR team waited for the results of the background check, the new-hire started work, and things were progressing well until a week later the when HR received the individual’s background check. What they learned was not good. There were many red-flags and prior convictions that left no other choice but to promptly fire the employee.

The next day, the new-hire was  terminated and had to be escorted off of the company property. This is not a scenario that any company wants to deal as it’s uncomfortable and disappointing for both the individual and the company.

Here’s the thing: this situation could have been avoided!

Although the candidate wowed the HR team and seemed to be a good fit, many companies would agree there are no excuses when it comes to criminal history. This simply provides too much of a liability to ignore. So what did the HR team do wrong in this scenario? They did not wait until receiving and reviewing the background check before extending an offer. If they had waited, they would have learned of the problematic incidents, and would have realized that this seemingly perfect candidate was not such a perfect fit after all.

The Takeaway

Background checks are important in detailing an individual’s history and play a big role in narrowing candidates. Depending on the type of background check, it can take some time for the results to return to the HR team. Although waiting for a check to clear may seem like an inconvenience, it can’t compare to the problems created by an ill-informed job offer. The screening process should not be overlooked.