3 Advantages of Paperless Volunteer Background Checks

volunteer background checks Do you like data entry?  Have any remorse for killing all the trees?

No, this is not an environmental responsibility article.  This is about making your volunteer background checks process cheaper, more secure and faster.

How much of a burden on your staff is it to collect hundreds or thousands of volunteer authorization forms?  How would you like to save the trees and have the volunteers (or employees) process themselves?

The technology is here and has been for more than 2 years.  So check out the 3 advantages of paperless volunteer background checks:

  1. Saves Money.  If your organization processes hundreds or thousands of volunteer background checks, how much time is invested in collecting the forms, inputting the data into an online system and securing the sensitive authorization forms?  A lot .  And you may not even realize how much labor you spend on the “paper-based” process.
  2. Security.  Have you ever had a potential volunteer question your data security procedure?  I speak with hundreds of potential volunteers a year who are concerned with identity theft and are resistant to putting their name, DOB and SSN on a piece of paper.  They may also have security questions about our online system.  After explaining in layman terms how our online system is SSAE 16 Certified and PCI compliant, most fears are erased.  What I cannot assure them is the security of the authorization form.  How it is handled by the organization.  How it is filed or secured.  Who has access to the data?  The majority of identity theft is not from data breaches but from inside an organization.
  3. Speed.  What volunteer organization is not seeking qualified applicants?  Do we want to further burden potential volunteers by requiring them to drive to our office during normal business hours, drop off an authorization form and wait for it to be processed?  Why?  We should have already interviewed them and at this point in the process all you need is a suitable background check.  Allow the volunteer to complete the online application from home, from work or even their mobile device whenever it is convenient.  Since this can be done 24 hours a day, 7 days a week your applicants do not need to wait until tomorrow, they can do it at 11PM or 4AM.

So let’s reduce your risk, save you some money (and a few trees) and speed your process.  Any complaints from that?

Contact Safe Hiring Solutions today and get an ATS link for your volunteer background checks.

Why would you not want to go paperless?  Hate trees?