Are You Interested in Accurate Background Checks?

accurate background checksThat seems like an odd question to ask.  Can you imagine anyone saying that they are not interested in accurate background checks?

However, I speak with prospective clients every single day who are most interested in speed and cost.  They would accept a fast and cheap background check regardless of the quality.

That is scary.

I will agree that a lot of this is driven by a frantic world that believes that a comprehensive criminal record check can be completed instantly.  But unfortunately, it cannot.  And a background screening industry that is focused more on profit that safety and security.

I made a personal pledge to myself, my staff and the clients we serve that we would not sacrifice quality for speed or being the cheapest provider in the background screening space.  I will admit that it would be very easy to give in and offer a low quality, cheap and instant product.  They are highly profitable and require very little labor.

But that is not who we are.  We are a niche background screening firm that is one hundred percent committed to accurate background checks.

The world is requiring accuracy.  Lawsuits against background screening firms and organizations alike are at an all time high.  And the foundation for almost all of these lawsuits is “inaccurate” information.

Lazy background screening companies that do not want to take the time or spend the money to verify information and determine if the criminal record is your candidate or not.  Criminal record searches that are limited to 7 years (even if not required by state or local laws).

The number of Fair Credit Report Act non-compliance lawsuits is higher than they have ever been.  Quality background screening firms should be committed to the spirit of the federal FCRA.

The EEOC has made it clear that they believe that the proliferation of criminal record checks has placed certain minority groups at a disadvantage.  So they have offered guidance for companies to ensure that you are using criminal background checks in a responsible manner.

There has honestly never been a more critical time for organizations to review their background screening process and make sure they are receiving accurate background checks.  Anything less places your organization at significant legal risk.

If you are interested in reviewing your screening program, please contact us and we will provide a guide that will help you evaluate if you are receiving accurate background checks.