Do You Want to Automate Your Reference Checks?

Traditional phone-based reference checks are a drain on time and resources.  Days or weeks of unreturned voicemails, long distance calls and the frustration of receiving only “name, rank and serial number” responses.

Reference checking is extremely important.  However, it has become a check list of things to accomplish and generally does not impact the hiring process.


1.        Because they take too long and we have to get the position filled.

2.       Because they yield little, if any, quality information on our candidates.

3.       References are interrupted by our phone call, not prepared to sit back and focus and share candidly.

Would you believe that there is a much more cost effective way of conducting high quality reference checks?   And it does not require a telephone or any labor on your part.

How could that be?


eReferenceCheck is an automated reference checking platform that will streamline your hiring process.  eReferenceCheck uses competency-based templates that are customizable on a client by client basis or for individual positions.

How does it work? You decide how your want your account setup:

1.       The competency-based template(s). 

2.       How many references you require?

3.       How many of each type of reference.  Former supervisors, peers, etc.

4.       How frequently the system sends reminders to candidates and/or references.

5.       Language in your email templates for candidates and references.

That’s it.  Then all you are required to do is enter the name and email address of your candidates and eReferenceCheck does all the work.

To learn more about how eReferenceCheck can streamline your hiring or volunteer process, join us for a “live” upcoming webinar:

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