I Need it Now! Criminal Records Checks

criminal records checksSomebody once asked me after a presentation why I chose the topic of family violence?  Why I did not pick something more fun like pursuit driving or firearms. The truth is I did not search through a list and pick a topic.  The topic picked me.

I have always been wired a little different (just ask my wife).  I am constantly looking at situations and searching for a solution to do it better.

I learned very early in my police career that family violence destroys thousands and thousands of women and children each year.  More than 25 women and children were killed just in Nashville each year by a family member.

I knew there had to be a solution to this awful problem.  We had to quit turning our head from the problem and hold the abusers accountable.  We implemented sweeping changes and developed the largest family violence program in the U.S.

The results?  We reduced the number of women and children killed by more than 50%.

Every problem has a solution.

So I guess it was no shock to those close to me when I launched Safe Hiring Solutions in 2004.  I had studied and evaluated the background screening industry and concluded that the industry lacked transparency and honesty about criminal records checks.

Unlike the family violence program I helped launch, the background screening industry was not born out of a necessity to provide safety and protection.  It was created to broker information.

I would be remiss if I blamed the lack of standards solely on the background screening industry.  Quite honestly, you and I have to take some responsibility as consumers.

We live in a world where everything is immediately at our fingertips.  The internet has made me extremely impatient.  If I want to watch a movie I don’t have to go 3 blocks to the video store.  I just hit the Netflix icon on my laptop and choose a movie.

I want a book.  Boom.  One click and I can have it delivered to my Kindle.  I am reading in less than 2-3 minutes.

I am more guilty than most when it comes to being constantly connected.  No problem if I need something from the office.  I can VPN from anywhere in the world and grab it.

So it is no surprise that you want criminal records checks done instantly and cheaply.  I wish it was possible.   I really do.

However, the truth is there is no such thing as an instant background check.  I know, you have talked with other background screening firms and they have told you they have instant national background checks for as little as $8 or $10 (or less).

No, they have a cheap background screening tool.  A screening program consists of many screening tools working together.  A process of checks and balances.

Yep, $8 might buy you lunch at McDonalds but it will not buy you a quality criminal records check.  Sorry.

This is not a game.  Cheap background checks place people’s lives at risk.

I have not spent the past 20 years fighting for the rights and safety of women and children to compromise my values and sell cheap criminal records checks.  I will not place profit before safety.

No matter what you have been told by a screening firm, there is no such thing as an instant background check.  Instant searches are tools that must be included in a screening package.

Are you looking for a screening partner who is transparent and honest?  Who provides the highest quality and most comprehensive searches available?  Contact us today.