National Criminal Background Check: Making Workplaces, Schools, and Churches Safe Spaces

For the past 13 years as the CEO of Safe Hiring Solutions, I have provided testimony and guidance to lawmakers on the best practices in background screening.  And one thing is certain – comprehensive background checks must include a national criminal background check and database!

Truth be told, I started Safe Hiring Solutions in 2004 because of the failure of a state background check system.  Two sex offenders were hired by a large metropolitan school district in Indiana after having been cleared in the state criminal database.

An audit of the state screening program found that many courts were not sending their conviction data to the state even though state law required them to.

National Criminal Background Check

Too often background checks only include a single source criminal database.  They are not comprehensive when it comes to including National databases. It’s imperative that National Criminal Background Check databases are included in all criminal background screenings.

I launched Safe Hiring Solutions to provide a solution to this problem.  

We created a background screening process that contained multiple solutions and checks and balances that included:

  • Solutions to Identify

  • National Criminal Database

  • National Sex Offender Registry

  • Federal District Courts

  • County Criminal Searches

The package we created removed the single source failures.  

Now there was a check and balance system set up so that a convicted sex offender should appear three times in the private background check:

  • National Criminal Database

  • National Sex Offender (if required to register)

  • County Criminal Search

Therefore, if any of the sources fail, there are backups in place.

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When we consider the precious commodity of human lives – including our school children – we cannot accept anything less than a comprehensive background check that includes the National Criminal Background Check databases.

Our nation’s schools, businesses, and churches need to be safe spaces – internally and externally.  

Comprehensive National Criminal Background Checks are a needed tool to keep people safe at school, at work, and while at worship!  

Safe Hiring Solutions has conducted:

  • more than 750,000 of these background checks in our nation’s schools  

  • more than 3,000 of these background checks in churches across our nation 

  • more than 500,000 of these background checks in businesses across our nation

If you want to ensure that your school, workplace, or church is a safe environment and desire to do background screening correctly, contact us today.