Principal & Sex Offender: Importance of Employee Background Checks

employee background checksHere we go again.  Another person of trust using his power and authority to abuse children and satisfy his selfish and perverted desires. Think about the importance of current employee background checks as we look at this current incident.

So here is the cliff notes version of what happened.  A principal of a private school in Northern California is accused of touching young girls inappropriately.

So by all means let me be politically correct here and use the word accused.  Accused more times than we can count.  But accused it is.

Principal Robert Adams, or “Mr. Bob”, is accused of doing the following over the past 15 years:

  • Touching female children under their shirts and pants
  • Secluding female students under a computer desk
  • Lying down on a mat in his office with female students

The story popped up on my screen yesterday and I could have finished writing the story without knowing a single detail.  It is the same story, different offender and victims.

I thought about my daughters and my first instinct was, well, let’s say very fatherly.  Why?  Because I know what damage predators like this inflict on young victims.

His perversions rob them of their childhood and innocence.  It will likely follow them into adulthood and rob them of a sense of safety and security throughout their life.  How do you trust again when you have been hurt physically, emotionally and psychologically?  By someone who is entrusted with your care.

What blew my mind was the administrative assistant who had made 5 phone calls to the state before they took her complaints seriously?  Say what?  Is it that hard to believe that a school principal, police officer, or pastor could abuse a child?  Unfortunately not in our society.

What makes me sick to my stomach is wondering how many of the young girls were victimized because the first 4 calls fell on deaf ears.  I can only imagine the phone calls by the assistant were not vague since she was able to produce a notebook with everything she had witnessed.

So what does this have to do with current employee background checks?   A lot.  This principal abused for more than 15 years.  Right in the school under the noses of teachers and other students.

Keeping our children safe requires:

  1. Dogged Determination.  Sex offenders are not passive.  They are aggressive, extreme risk takers, and have a tunnel focus on satisfying their sick fantasies.
  2. An Ongoing Process.  A lot can change after a person is hired.  Background Screening is an on-going process.
  3. More Than a Criminal Background Check.  More than 80% of sexual assaults go unreported.  So 80% of our sex offenders do not have a criminal record.
  4. Prioritizing Safety & Security of Children.  Shopping for the cheapest background checks means safety is secondary.

It feels like I keep talking about the safety and security of children.  I don’t want to sound like a broken record.  However, I will not stop preaching until our children live in a society where these stories do not exist.

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Are you numb to these stories?  Or do they still make you sick to your stomach?