BACK TO SCHOOL: Why School Security Software is a Must Today

As school and building safety continues to be an all-important issue, schools (and businesses) are faced with the challenge of the best options for school security software.  

Modern technology options for school security include everything from biometric technology to visitor management systems to drone surveillance, geofencing, and artificial intelligence in order to enhance school security and help save lives.  

School Visitor Management System

The best school visitor management system begins at the front door and permeates the entire building, providing a seamless dashboard that creates full and restricted access levels to certain areas, while also alerting security (and even law enforcement) of who may not be a welcome visitor on the premises.  

In order to evaluate the best school visitor management system possible, it is paramount that basic components include a 

  • ID validation process, , 

  • the ability to produce temporary ID badges, and 

  • perhaps, even metal detectors.

A more sophisticated school visitor management system starts at the sign-in process, where registrations should be integrated with a comprehensive background check, combining the National Criminal Database, National Sex Offender Registry, and the County of Residence being searched for any volunteer.  This type of search can take 3-5 business days and allows the schools to approve and badge these volunteers. At the least you want a visitor management system to scan a visitor’s driver’s license and run against the National Sex Offender Registry and the school’s internal excluded parties list.  

Visitor identity checks should not only include government issued identifications that are scanned, but also

  • biometric technology for additional authentication that includes palm vein or facial recognition

  • scanners for concealed and exposed weapons and reporting.

  • Geofencing capabilities, and 

  • Arrest Alerts.

Biometric Technology for Enhanced School Security, Like Facial and Palm Recognition

Because every second is critical when it comes to assessing a threat and protecting students and people’s safety, schools should have some semblance of a security team and camera infrastructure in place. 

As far as school check-in-kiosks go, a nationally issued ID card is no longer enough.  

Schools and businesses are now looking to enhanced authentication services that include fingerprinting, as well as facial and palm recognition software in their security camera systems.  

School security software can use facial recognition for an enhanced level of security that includes tracking a short list of people prohibited from entering the building, allowing users to input a suspect watch list, helping to positively identify an intruder within 15 seconds, and notifying security within 30 seconds of a suspect’s presence.  


Next Level School Security Software like Drone Surveillance, Artificial Intelligence, and Blockchain 

As technology continues to evolve at a rapidly increasing pace, schools are adopting software that incorporates the use of drones, artificial intelligence, and blockchain technology.

With the increase of drone use, it is now more commonplace for schools to use drones to monitor safety during an emergency drill and to respond to a live event like locating a missing student, trespasser, and yes – an active shooter.   

Artificial intelligence allows for a high-capacity of data processing power. Working alongside biometric technology, AI offers an even more enhanced ability for increased safety in schools and workplaces.  

Systems can be set-up at a building or school checkpoint, with the video surveillance using machine learning algorithms to match a face placed on a watchlist from the cameras.  

The system even can go so far as to alert red (and even yellow flags) in real-time, identifying a potential threat, immediately locating, detaining, and removing them from the premises - or in the case of a yellow flag, empowering the ability to monitor that person throughout their visit.

Finally, the use of blockchain technology in background screening checks is also being used to encrypt data to prevent its usage from unauthorized individuals.

Technology is Driving School Security

Now more than ever, there is an increased sense of urgency for companies and schools to ensure that people and students feel safe as visitors, volunteers, vendors, and temporary employees enter and re-enter their physical spaces on a daily basis. 

In the end though, the plethora of options for enhanced security software systems present a new opportunity for schools and workplaces to reset the safety paradigm.  

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