The Need to Secure our Schools with the Latest School Security Technology

Jim knew he had to let his first grader out of his bear hug to walk into school.  It was his first day in first grade and his son was ready to go. Yet Jim wasn’t ready to let go.  


This year was different.  


You see, Jim lives in Connecticut and is a first responder.  And he still couldn’t shake the horrific images he had seen at Sandy Hook Elementary School -- images that no one should have ever seen -- of lifeless children the age of his son.


Though Jim’s experience is deeply up close and personal, he’s not alone in his concern for his child’s safety.  Today parents, teachers, administrators, and yes, students, put safety and security at school as their biggest concern.  


Not only are mass shootings and fear of an intruder at the top of the list of concerns, but the effects of that fear are causing greater stress in the classroom which impedes the teaching and learning process.


The Problem with School Security


We need to face this problem head-on. 


Though lockdown drills, “see something say something,” and programs that train teachers and students how to spot an individual in their school are certainly worthwhile steps of awareness and preparedness, the critical element in bringing some peace of mind to staff, educators, and students centers on schools having iron-clad secure buildings.


Far too many schools across the nation still have a simple “camera and buzzer” system manned by the school receptionist.  If the face is familiar -- the individual is let into the school. If the face is not familiar, all that is required for entry is a good reason why the person is visiting the school. 


Secure School Buildings Makes for Secure Students


As I said in my last blog, and I believe it bears repeating, utilizing the latest school security technology is a key factor for our nation’s schools in helping to prevent tragedies like what Jim, the First Responder, saw at Sandy Hook Elementary and so many students and parents have had to endure at Parkland, Santa Fe, and so many others.  


There is no reason for our nation’s schools to have antiquated entry systems!  Too many of our nation’s schools are still vulnerable to intruders due to easy access to the building.  



Make it Happen with School Security Technology


The school security technology that is offered today provides cutting edge entry systems, background checks that connect to a red flag and criminal database information, geofencing capabilities to set perimeters, direct emergency connection alerts, and so much more. 



Click here to learn more about how we are keeping schools safe with school security technology.



The safety of our nation’s schools needs to be the FIRST PRIORITY.


There is nothing more important for school administrations than to assure the safety of our teachers and students so that they can focus on why they are in school, to begin with -- to teach and to learn.


For more on how to implement school security technology, click here.