Securing Your School with SafeVisitor

Do you know who is entering your school doors each day? We spend a lot of time ensuring that we hire quality school employees and conduct high quality school background checks on our employees. However, we don’t always recognize that the vendor stocking the pop machine is actually a convicted sex offender. Or the parent volunteer that is working closely with our children had a conviction for soliciting a child in a neighboring state. If you are only checking the state police criminal database, the record did not show up.

The truth of the matter is that a school district will have thousands of visitors walk through their doors each year and we do not always know who they are or what risk they might pose to our children. A school district with 900 employees might have 2,500 volunteers, 100 vendors and hundreds of temporary visitors that enter the school each year.

In the past, having someone stop by the office and sign in was adequate. But in today’s world where schools are increasingly becoming a target for violence, knowing who walks through our doors is critical.

Safe Hiring Solutions has developed and released the only visitor management system in the U.S. that is integrated with comprehensive national background checks to ensure that your visitors are identified and do not have unsuitable criminal histories.

SafeVisitor is deployed at a growing number of school districts including very large school districts like Fort Wayne Community Schools. “Safe Hiring Solutions has been very excellent to work with in developing a visitor management system that is easy to use, as well as quick and affordable for our large urban school district. They have been responsive to our customer needs, and we are very happy with the increased security SafeVisitor provides,” explains Dottie Davis, Director of Security, Fort Wayne Community Schools.

SafeVisitor manages all types of visitors for your organization which include temporary (those attending meetings), volunteers and vendors. Temporary visitors scan in using their government issued ID and receive a self-expiring ID badge so they cannot re-enter the school the next day.

Volunteers and vendors all pre-register, undergo a comprehensive background check and when approved are issued an ID card that they use to enter and exit the schools. This provides a fast and accurate system for knowing who is in the buildings, who has visited buildings and flag those that are not allowed to enter the buildings.

We are one of the most affordable visitor management systems available and when you combine that with our history of providing comprehensive criminal background checks we become the only visitor system that reaches this level of security.

The timing could not be better for Indiana schools. Governor Pence has allocated another $3.5 million dollars for school security. So implementing SafeVisitor can be FREE.

Please join us for an upcoming online demonstration of SafeVisitor. We have several options over the following month.

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