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Weiner Exposed: Importance of Social Media Background Checks

social media background checksAre you kidding me Anthony Weiner?  Do you have a brain or an ounce of integrity? By now you have all seen the news footage of Congressman Anthony Weiner.  First, he was lashing out at the media and telling us that his Twitter account had been hacked and somebody had sent a lewd photo of his…  Well let’s just say it was a photo of Weiner.

Now, I can tell you that I am a little skeptical when I see a politician step in front of the media and claim innocence from a sex scandal.  So my radar shot up when I saw the initial footage and the congressman’s angry outbursts at the media.  I will also be the first to admit that I did not think anybody would be stupid enough to send a picture of his privates to an unknown person….on Twitter of all places. 

If you had told me email, sure I would have believed that.  But Twitter?

And now we get to see all the bare-chested, jockey-shorts photos (thank goodness we are spared the “key” photograph) he tweeted.

So the big question is….

Does this incident change your mind on the importance of social media background checks?

I am sure we all agree that stupid is not a crime.  Good thing with all the jail overcrowding.

However, how would you react to this information if Congressman Weiner was an applicant at your organization?  Sure, I know there are some of you that will say that he did not commit a crime so what is the big deal?

The big deal to me is I hire people that have character and integrity.  If you are married and sending nude photographs of yourself through Twitter I think you are a hypocrite and lack character and integrity.  How can I trust you as an employer?  You certainly have a problem with commitment.

I can also tell you that there is more to a background check than a criminal record search.  If a criminal record check is the sum total of your background screening process then you will be hiring misfits and unsuitables.

So the big question with social media background checks is being able to determine authenticity on the world wide web.  Congressman Wiener did us a favor by providing a photo that said “me.”  Thank you.

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Social media background checks certainly give us a view of a person we would never receive from a resume, applicant or criminal background check.

 However, these checks can be a legal minefield so join us for a FREE webinar on Social Media Background Checks Policy Development.

What is the craziest thing you have uncovered (maybe not the right word for this article) in a social media background check?