Background Re-checks

Should I Do Background Screening Rechecks?

Background checks are very important, but arguably, rechecks are just as important.  There are too many horror stories about organizations that have completed initial hiring checks, but have neglected to do a recheck on the same employee for many years. Imagine the shock of discovering that after 15-20 years have passed, a recheck has uncovered problematic information about a long time, trusted employee. Without diligence, this could happen to anyone. Performing routine background screening re-checks, especially in certain high-risk fields, is a necessary step in providing workplace and customer security.

Because there are different types of background checks, we recommend different time frames to perform a screening re-check. SafeHiring has many schools and churches as clients, and we  recommend for them to perform rechecks at least every 1-2 years. Yearly checks would be even more ideal. Usually, volunteer background checks do not go into as much depth as an employee check, so it is important to have volunteers get rechecked more often. For school personnel, it is recommended to have a screening re-checks done every 5 years which is generally driven by state law. Recommendations for other businesses are based upon the specific nature of the businesses or the duties of the employees. If you have a question about when you should have your company or school perform background re-checks, do not hesitate to visit our online Chat feature at! We can answer any specific question that you may have here. Just look at the bottom right hand side of the screen to locate a red Chat logo that reads online.

Background screening re-checks are very important for any organization for safety and peace of mind. Please visit our website above to learn more about the many great features that SafeHiring Solutions offers!