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Dr. Carrie Cate-Clements, Customer Service & Background Screening Firms

background screening firmsI thought I would take a detour and dedicate this blog to tooting the horn of our staff.  When I launched Safe Hiring Solutions in 2004, I had studied background screening firms and quickly realized the background screening industry did not offer:

  1. High Quality Background Checks; or
  2. Quality Customer Service

So are most organizations settling for low quality background checks and poor service?  Absolutely.

Why?  First, I don’t think most organizations know their background screening program is inefficient.  Secondly, I think poor service is the norm not the exception and we accept it.

Not me.

If you check out websites of some of the background screening industry giants they all purport to have great service.  Although, not according to the large number of clients that have switched to us in the past few years.

Yes, call me Mr. Skeptical.  However, I have had too many companies tell me they have great service only to find out the hard way that they have no service at all.

Do they think I am that stupid that I won’t figure it out?  Or are they banking on me sticking around because it takes a little effort to switch?

Here is a recent example.  A couple weeks ago, I was looking for a company to convert a new website to WordPress…  I know you can’t wait to hear the rest of this story.  Anyway, I selected a company because their website listed recognized brands as clients and they claimed to have “Kick A--“ customer service.

Now, I have never experienced Kick A—customer service so I took it hook, line and sinker.  Gullible I think is the word.

Let me define their Kick A—customer service:

  • Slow communication
  • 48hr turnaround time is nearing 3 weeks
  • Cost has almost doubled

I think I read it wrong and it was actually Kicked in the A—customer service.

The truth is that companies that provide good service do so because they value their clients.  It is not a marketing scheme.  It is the fabric of who they are.

And companies that don’t provide good customer service…  Well, you tell me.

When I launched Safe Hiring Solutions I made two commitments:

  1. We would offer the highest quality background checks available; AND
  2. We would provide unbelievable customer service.

Notice I did not say we would always be the cheapest.  You can always find cheaper, low quality background checks and poor service if that is what you are after.

Every single one of our 18 employees must reflect my vision for quality and service.  Not one or the other, but both.  And they do.

We have great people that care deeply about what they do.  That is why you will see them at our office from early morning until midnight (or later) this time of year as schools are back in session.

Jim Dermody, Superintendent of New Prairie School District, recently commented to me, “Safe Hiring Solutions has old school customer service.”  Right on.

I have described our company as cutting edge technology and old school customer service for years.  Don’t believe me, give us a try.

Dr. Carrie Cate-Clements, HR expert and education consultant discusses how she decided on Safe Hiring Solutions for her consortium:

Are you looking for a quality background screening firm partner?    Is it hard to navigate all of the marketing materials?

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Hilton Head, Customer Service & Background Screening Firms

background screening firmHuh?  No, the sun has not fried my brain.  There really is a connection between Hilton Head Island, customer service and background screening firms. It is 6:45AM on beautiful Hilton Head Island and I have not even made my trek across the street to Java Joe’s for my morning kick start.  Who really needs coffee with the sight and sound of waves crashing?

The island has everything I could want in a vacation:  beach, ocean, local restaurants and great service.

The beach, ocean and local restaurants are a given.  However, I have begun to realize that great service is a dying trade.

Maybe I have had too much time to think this week while sitting on the beach but the last couple of weeks have driven me crazy as we have tried to form a partnership with a new information provider.

We want to give them money.  Lots of it.  Month after month

Seems simple enough right?

Well for two weeks we have called, emailed, left voice messages and to date have still not gotten any response after the initial email that generated all of our questions.  I have emailed and left messages with two of their VP’s.  Nothing.

Did I mention we would be spending thousands per month?

What is the chance I get a phone call returned if we have a support issue?  Or a complaint?

Did I mention we are going to spend thousands per month on this?

So what the heck does this have to do with background checks?  A lot actually.  When I launched Safe Hiring Solutions I made a commitment to ALWAYS provide the highest quality background screening service and GREAT customer support.

Read that again.  I did not say we are perfect.  We strive for perfection.

So our commitment to you still stands.  If you call during normal business hours we will answer the phone.  If you email us, we will email you back quickly.

This is not a marketing ploy for us.  It is who we are.  We have the greatest people who care deeply about what they do.  And they know you need the best information as quickly as possible.

And if you have a question you need it answered now.

So thanks for letting me vent a little while on vacation.  The truth is I expect the same level of service from our business partners as we provide our clients.  Maybe my expectations are too high.

So be it.  Great service can and does still exist.  The team at Safe Hiring Solutions proves it every single day and it makes me proud.

You deserve it.