What is the Cost of HealthCare Background Checks?

healthcare-background-checksComprehensive healthcare background checks do not have to break the bank or leave gaping holes in your tight budget.  At the same time, understand employment background screening is not free and cannot be done accurately for $10.  If you are an HR professional conducting research then you recognize that new employees are an investment and our first investment in them should be ensuring they do not have an unsuitable background. So we have decided to implement a safe hiring program.  What should be included in a healthcare employment background check?  The following package will reduce your liability and assure that the most qualified applicants rise to the top of the list:

  • Detailed Application
  • Social Security Verification
    • Verifies names and alias
    • Provides address history and movement patterns
    • National or Multi-State Criminal Database Search
    • County Criminal Search- current and prior counties of residence
    • National Sex Offender Registry Search
    • Federal Criminal Records Search
    • Healthcare Sanctions Search

Additional screening options that can be added depending on position:

  • Motor Vehicle Reports
  • Education Verification
  • Employment  Credit Report
  • Professional License Verification

It is not worth the risk of a negligent hiring lawsuit to delay a pre employment background screening program.  Negligent Hiring Doctrine states that if an employer either knew or should have known someone was dangerous or unfit and it was foreseeable that someone could have been harmed then the organization is potentially liable.   It is the should have known that creates problems for employers who are not doing quality background screening.

Comprehensive healthcare background checks could start as low as $18 depending on the package and volume.    The cost of not conducting background checks could be significant so why take the risk?

Safe Hiring Solutions will partner with you and help implement a safe hiring program that will provide safety and security for your staff, patients and vendors and mitigate the risk of a negligent hiring lawsuit.

For more information on our healthcare background screening packages click here.

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