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5 Problems with the Indiana Limited Criminal History Check

indiana-limited-criminal-history-checkWhy would any organization working with vulnerable populations such as children, the elderly or the disabled rely on a background screening database that has consistently missed sex offenders and other violent offenders?  Sure, the Indiana Limited Criminal History Check is an inexpensive and instant (if done online) background screening tool.  And cheap and instant are certainly appealing to volunteer organizations and budget-strapped schools but we cannot lose sight of the duty we have to protect the children, elderly or disabled in our care. What is most frightening is the Indianapolis Star and WTHR Channel 13 exposed the problems with the Indiana Limited Criminal History Check (LCH) nearly 7 years ago in a two part series and yet hundreds of thousands of volunteer background checks are run each year for Indiana school systems, volunteer organizations and programs working with vulnerable populations.

The State of Indiana recognized how limited their criminal history check was in 2009 and passed an Expanded Criminal History Statute that requires schools to run a national background check for applicants for employment, contractors and vendors.  The LCH is no longer an option for employment background screening for schools.

So what are the 5 problems with the Indiana Limited Criminal History Check:

  1. Incomplete data- Study Found 8 out of 10 Sex Offenders Not in LCH
  2. Individual Counties Must Opt to Participate per
  3. Only Class A Misdemeanors and Above
  4. Lacks Final Dispositions
  5. It is only Indiana Data

Background screening is a complicated process that requires several layers of screening to ensure the proper check-and-balance against missing a criminal record.  It is understandable that minor cases such as a public intoxication & pre-trial diversion cases might occasionally slip through the cracks but there is no room for felons and convicted sex offenders slipping through the cracks.

Our primary concern should be the safety and security of our organization and those we serve.  However, secondarily we have to understand that if we are using a system that we know is flawed then we are exposing ourselves and our organizations to liability.

Safe Hiring Solutions was founded in 2004 to help public schools in Indiana conduct quality criminal history checks and provide a viable alternative to the LCH.  Today, more than 1500 organizations throughout the U.S.  rely on our comprehensive background screening programs to ensure the safety and security of their organizations.

Are you are one of those organizations still relying on the Indiana Limited Criminal History Check?  If so, we can provide a national background screening program at an extremely affordable price.     For more information click here.

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