aliahna lemmon

A Criminal Background Check Might Have Saved Aliahna Lemmon

criminal background checkI cannot even express how angry the death of Aliahna Lemmon makes me.  This little 9 year old girl never had a chance. How could she?  She lived in a community of 12 homes but was surrounded by more than 15 registered sex offenders.

Yes, more than one sex offender in every home.  That is horrible odds for a little girl.

What is even worse is that a criminal background check could have saved her life.  A little due diligence on the part of the park she lived in.

Unfortunately in our society, the pendulum of safety and security has swung in the opposite direction.  We are more concerned with the rights of offenders than we are the rights of our sons and daughters.

Does anybody care about Aliahna?

Absolutely, would be the response of anybody interviewed.  Yet our words and actions do not match.  The EEOC has been on a mission to further restrict reporting of criminal records for years.  State legislatures have been passing laws to restrict reporting criminal information year after year hoping that employment is the key to successful rehabilitation.  Indiana went a step further last July and has made it easier for “non violent” offenders to wipe their dirty laundry clean.

I have heard over and over again how the explosion in background screening has disenfranchised offenders and led them back to a life of crime.  Really?  So I am to believe that being an offender is now a protected class?

It sounds to me like the same blame game offenders have always played.  Am I to believe that personal responsibility and choices have no bearing on our behaviors?  How many wealthy Wall Street employees have been carted off to jail?

Unfortunately, we have been heading in this direction for years.

Why?  Do we really think restricting how much information an employer can see will protect society?  FBI research has long shown that the best indicator for future violence is a past history of violence.  Hmm.

So who should I believe?  Should I believe that Michael Plumadore beat Aliahna to death with a brick and cut off her head, hands and feet because he could not find a job?

Or should I believe he committed this evil and heinous crime because he is an evil, career criminal?  The criminal record trail that runs from Indiana to North Carolina and to Florida screams evil.

So let me get back to my point that a quality criminal background check could have saved Aliahna’s life.  How?

A criminal background check by the property manager would have revealed that Plumadore had convictions for assault on a police officer, felony theft, forgery and trespassing.  Yes, I remember that this same community allows 15 convicted sex offenders to live there so Plumadore may have looked like a saint.

However, Plumadore is listed as a fugitive in Florida for not attending his court ordered anger management classes.  So maybe, just maybe, a criminal background check revealing Plumadore as a fugitive would have prevented him from living in this community and Aliahna would be alive today.  And a very remote possibility that local law enforcement would have been alerted and Plumadore might have been arrested.  Yes, very slim chance.  But just maybe.

This horrible tragedy underscores how critical it is to know who we are hiring, allowing to volunteer or lease a home or contracting with for services.  The cheap background checks that permeate the internet will provide little resistance to the Plumadores of the world.

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