4 Reasons Cost of Background Checks Should Not Be Your First Question

cost of background checksMost organizations shopping for background checks have an inverted approach to their selection.  If your first question is what is the cost of background checks then you are at great risk of making a decision you will later regret. Yes, I understand every purchase decision involves a discussion about cost.   However, background screening is like many decisions we make in life that require us to evaluate many factors beyond cost.

Commodity shopping works well if I am looking for the cheapest price on the exact same item.  For example, I recently found a pair of shoes that I wanted.  I checked with several stores and eventually found the exact same shoe online for $10 less and with free shipping.  That is a no brainer.  I do not need to compare quality because it is already an apple to an apple comparison.

Unfortunately, when searching for a background screening partner you are rarely comparing equal products, services and approaches.  How do I know?  The background screening industry is highly unregulated and there does not exist a standard of care for what a background check is.

Here are 4 reasons the cost of background checks should not be your first question:

  1. Quality is the most important part of a background screening program.  The foundation of the background screening industry was not built on quality but on quick, limited and cheap.
  2. Safety & security should be the foundation of your screening program. Quality background checks provide safety and security for your organization.  Don’t be tricked into believing you can conduct quality background checks for $10.  I know, the internet is overrun with companies that say otherwise.  But they are not being completely transparent about what they are offering you.  Tell them you want the whole puzzle not just one piece.
  3. Legal issues often accompany low cost background checks.  First, there is a high probability that one of your employees, vendors or volunteers will be mislabeled as having a criminal record.  Or the low quality background checks may grant someone access to your organization who may cause harm.
  4. Service is a critical component of a quality background screening partnership.  Everybody claims to have great service these days yet poor service is the norm.  Don’t settle for poor service.  You need to select a partner that communicates with you, answers your questions and is available to assist you.  Demand great service, you deserve it!

Now that you have asked these 4 questions, it is time to ask what is the cost of background checks.

If you would like more assistance on selecting a screening partner, download 10 Things to Know Before You Hire a Screening Partner.