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Background Checks for Churches:The Use & Misuse of Criminal Databases

Let me say that I have a huge heart for churches and ministries who are trying to navigate the highly unregulated background screening industry.  I speak with or correspond by email with a handful of church administrators each day who are trying to implement quality background checks for churches. The lack of transparency from the background screening industry is frustrating for me and I know it is frustrating for you. Protecting children and looking after widows and orphans is a Biblical command. Yet it is difficult to implement because the screening industry is focused on cheap, instant products that yield tremendous profit but provide very little risk mitigation.

I think you will find this 5 minute training video valuable.  Enjoy!

If you are committed to the safety and security of your children, the church and protecting your ministry then Contact us today.    We have partnered with thousands of churches and ministries and assisted them in developing a quality background checks for churches program.