A Mom’s Perspective on Background Checks

I was chatting with one of my team members a few weeks ago about how we approach background checks and she said, “hey, I am a mom.  My kids go to a school, church and youth programs that we do background checks for.” Yes, that is it.  She nailed it right on the head.  Over and over again I am communicating with potential clients and explaining how we set ourselves apart from the industry.  How we do not limit our searches, we check all of your alias names, we review every order when it comes in and before we return it.

A huge difference from most of our competitors.

However, Brigitt nailed it when she said she approaches every background check like it was being done to protect her 3 boys.  And you know what?  Everybody that processes your reports has children or grandchildren in schools, churches or youth programs that we screen for so they approach it the same way.

I also felt this was too important to just write about.  So here is our first video blog:

Are you ready to entrust your background screening with a company that approaches every background check like it is one of their children?   Give us a shout and let us take care of your organization.