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How to Build a Background Screening Program You Can Be Proud Of

background screeningWell, I have something I need to get off my chest.  No, it will not be near as juicy as former Congressman Weiner.  My social media posts are pretty tame.  Sorry. I must admit I am a business junkie.  There, you have it.  I feel so much better.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I didn’t say geek.  I am not running around the office with a pocket protector full of pens, pencils and a calculator.  I think I am a pretty cool guy.  My kids might disagree, especially after recently discovering some of my old college basketball photos where our uniform shorts looked more like speedos than basketball shorts.

What I mean is I love the entrepreneurial spirit.  I love meeting business leaders that have launched successful businesses.  Leaders that set the standard instead of trying to reach a standard set by another company.  Companies that are refreshingly unique.

I approach everything in life believing I can do it better.  If I was playing basketball, I never wanted to be just as good as the guy I was guarding.  I always wanted to be better.  I wanted to win.

And this is precisely why I launched Safe Hiring Solutions in 2004.  Several consulting clients had asked us to help them with their background screening process.  I did a quick Google search and initially said, “no thanks.”

Then a local school district discovered they had a convicted sex offender working in their schools.  How in the heck did he slide through the background screening process?

I dug into the background screening industry and found it was not really an industry built upon safety and security.  The screening industry as a whole had set the bar very low by peddling cheap database searches and limited 7 year searches.

So we launched Safe Hiring Solutions to be a company that does background screening correctly.  A company completely focused on safety and security.

We did not look laterally to see what our competitors were doing.   The last thing the background screening industry needed was another average company.

This is the same approach you should take with building a background screening program you can be proud of.  Don’t look around and fall prey to doing things the way everybody else is doing it.  Set yourself apart from the pack by doing background screening correctly.

I know building a quality background screening program is no simple task.  First, it requires a commitment to safety and security.  That means you value your employees, volunteers and people you serve above all else.

Secondly, it requires an investment.  Yes, that means you cannot conduct quality background checks for free.  If cost is driving your background checks policy then you need a new driver.  Now, I am not saying that your background checks should be expensive but cheap background checks always equal junk.

Thirdly, you must select a quality background screening partner.  If you are not committed to safety and security then selecting a screening firm will be easy.  Do a Google search and look for the cheapest price.

However, if you are a company that strives to be the best, then selecting a screening partner requires due diligence.  I read a post on LinkedIn this morning from an HR director from a large corporation, 80,000 employees, and she was describing the revolving door of screening firms they have used over the past 10 years and her frustration with having to start searching again for a new partner.

She needs help with vetting background screening firms.  How to cut through the sophisticated marketing.  To understand the critical questions to ask that will not only keep her organization safe but keep her team confident and happy with their partner.

Yes, there are some great background screening firms out there. They exist.  The question is how do you find them?

Unfortunately, many of the giants in the background screening industry, with the greatest brand awareness, tend to be the organizations peddling the most junk.  Large corporations and volunteer organizations partner with them because they are a household name. And how would they know a $9 background check is trash?

Finally, download our whitepaper 10 Things to Know Before Hiring a Background Screening Firm to help you build a background screening program you can be proud of.