tools of a sex offender

What is the #1 Tool of Child Sex Offenders?

sex offenderShhh.  Promise not to tell?  Can you keep a secret?  Who has not told or kept a few secrets in their life? However, secrets can be used to silence and alienate innocent victims.

Yes, the #1 tool of child sex offenders is secrets.  Deep, dangerous secrets that are surrounded by threats, intimidation and fear.  Child Sex offenders are manipulative, narcissistic and focused on their personal gratification with absolutely no regard for their victims.

We know from years of research that 1 in 4 young girls and 1 in 6 young boys will be a victim of sexual assault before they reach adulthood.  Did you hear that?  Look around today at children and realize that every 4th girl or 6th boy has been sexually assaulted.

Does that make you sick to your stomach?  It should.  I was exposed to child sexual abuse at a very early age.  Thank God, I was not a victim but a child of a police officer and victim advocate who were committed to ending all forms of violence.  So at 16 my mom and dad had to take me aside and tell me I was giving up my bedroom to a young 13 year old girl.   She was being sexually assaulted by her father and needed the safety and security of our house while the investigation was launched.  I knew her well.  Her father was a local school teacher and they were members of our small church family.

It still makes me sick to my stomach 27 years later (did I just give my age away?).  That exposure to evil and raw violence scarred me and has lead to a lifetime mission of ending all forms of violence.

We have to join hands in breaking the silence and bringing these predators into the light.  So how do we do it?

  • Our friends at Christianity Today provide  a great curriculum Reducing the Risk
  • Good Touch Bad Touch provides great educational resources
  • Comprehensive Criminal Background Checks
  • Quality Reference Checks….stay tuned for iRefCheck which is launching soon
  • Speak Out.  Become an Ambassador for breaking the silence.

It is easy to assume others will carry this torch.  However, we need you to get off the fence and get involved.  We are committed to equipping you with the tools, training and services needed to help stop the violence.

Join us on 05/19/2011 at 2PM EST for a FREE Webinar on Child Sex Offenders:  Understanding the Enemy.