The Vacation Perspective of a Criminal Background Check

criminal background checks resized 600You guessed it.  It is Memorial Day and I am sitting on the deck of our condo, overlooking the crystal clear waters of the Gulf of Mexico.  Life is good.  Kids are sun drenched, but not sun burned. Yes, I can totally “veg out” at the beach for hours upon hours.  Reading, building sandcastles, watching kids shell and chase crabs and this year watching huge pods of sting rays move within 5 feet of the shoreline during their mating season.  Did I say that I was holding my 2 yr old when they circled us?  Is it wrong to push your 9 year old son into the pod to protect your 2 year old?  Just kidding.

Unfortunately my brain is never on vacation.  Some would say that is a sure sign of ADD.  I say entrepreneur.  Either way I am constantly watching people and situations and evaluating them.

No doubt, I am hyper vigilant on vacation.  I have 5 young kids and 3 are boys so danger is never far away.  It is in their genes.  What I don’t need is danger seeking them out.

If I could run a criminal background check on those sharing our beach and swimming pool I would.  Why?  Well, a news report mentioned last night that parents should keep a close eye on their children.  Florida is a very transient state that makes it easy for undesirables to hide or blend in.  We are all from someplace else.

Now I don’t want to sound like some paranoid person, but after 20 +years in violence prevention work I have a very sensitive internal alarm system.  I admit that I may have over-reacted at times but so be it.  These are my kids.

Please don’t get me wrong.  I love chatting it up and making new friends.  We are on day three and have made some great friends with folks who actually live 30 minutes from us and another wonderful group from Canada.

I also want my kids to be friendly, polite and engaging.  I enjoy watching my kids interact with others.  See I am not paranoid.

However, if the conversation goes a split second too long, my radar starts to detect and I go into protection role.  Been there?  I hope so for your kids.

So what on earth does this have to do with a criminal background check?  A lot actually.  I was thinking about how many emails I read at rest stops and gas stations on the trip down here from potential clients who made a background screening decision based solely on price.

That would be like me asking someone at the beach to babysit one of my daughters.  It might work out most of the time but it is also like playing Russian Roullette.  Not a risk I would ever take.

Why is it we gladly assume the same risk with protecting our organization?  Should we not approach criminal background checks within our organization with the same resolve that we approach protecting our own children?

Have you ever thought about criminal background screening like it was your children you were trying to protect?