Trick or Treat Sex Offender Background Checks

sex offender background checksThere is really nothing more exciting than helping our 5 kids carve pumpkins.  Did I mention they range in age from 3-12? Last night was the night.  A nice dinner and then I spread the newspapers all over the bar, situated the 5 pumpkins so each of the kids had plenty of elbow room and then strategically positioned my wife, my dad and myself so we could closely supervise and monitor.

Did I mention I have 3 boys?  You could see them salivating to get their hands on a knife.  Those poor pumpkins had no idea what fate awaited them.

As the knives were slicing (pumpkins, not sisters) and seeds were flying, I was thinking about Halloween.  Remember when I said my brain rarely slows down?

I was thinking about growing up in a small town and running free on Halloween, filling a pillowcase with candy until it weighed a ton.  No real concerns. And last night I was thinking that times have changed so much (or is it I have changed so much?).

One thing I know today, that I did not as a kid, is that Halloween is a holiday on every sex offender’s calendar.  Think about it.  It is dark, kids coming to your house, dressing up.   Yikes.

Progressive communities recognize this and require registered sex offenders to attend a meeting with their probation officers on Halloween.  The goal is simple, get them off the street and away from children.

Let me pause and say that if you are a sex offender or “know one” don’t waste your time leaving a comment.  You will never sway my beliefs.  Your constitutional rights are not being violated like your crime violated an innocent victim.

Honestly, I get a handful of comments from sex offenders every time I write an article exposing their crimes.  However, if it was not for sex offender comments, I would have no comments at all.  I am still trying to figure out how to strike the same chord with our other readers.  Do I need to make you mad?

Anyway, this morning, I was overwhelmed (literally) by news stories on sex offenders:

  • Local teacher arrested for raping a female student.
  • Local man arrested for forcing an 8 year old to perform a sex act on him THEN raping a 20 year old mentally handicapped woman.
  • OH teacher convicted of having sex with 5 students.
  • AZ referee arrested for raping 2 boys

That was all before breakfast.  And sadly enough is just a smidgen of what has happened across the country in the past 24 hours.

And then the first email I open was from a friend and partner who owns an insurance company.  They had a large church client leave them to go with a competitor who offered them cheap background checks.

Sorry for repeating myself, but when you have an enemy as focused and committed as a sex offender, you cannot win that battle with a free or cheap background check.  Cannot be done.

I will say this until I am blue in the face.   Churches, schools, volunteer organizations, anybody that works with or serves children has to understand how hard sex offenders are pushing on your door.  They will take the path of least resistance.  Instant background checks leave the door open and your organization vulnerable.

I want you to know the truth.  How to setup a background screening program that will keep your kids safe.  Keep your organization safe.  Keep you safe.  So you can focus on your mission or ministry.

Don’t be tricked by the lure of cheap or instant background checks.  Implement a background screening program that is a treat.

Are you ready to jump over the fence and place the safety and security of children as your top priority?  If so, we would love to work with you.  Contact us today.

Happy Halloween.