What is Average Turnaround Time for Employee Background Checks?

employee background checksIs it not true that we all want things to be done at the snap of our fingers?  Yes, we live in a world where technology has made us impatient.  We want information and we want it now! I have to admit that I fall prey to the “instant syndrome” myself.  I am always connected and generally can find the answer to any question I need on my PC, laptop or iPhone.  Well, I also must admit that it is 48 degrees with a misty rain and I am sitting in my car watching my son’s baseball practice while multi-tasking and writing this article.

So, yes I understand the world wants employee background checks instantly.  You have hiring managers breathing down your necks to get somebody hired for the open position and they need them yesterday.

However, we need to understand the significant risks that instant background checks present to our organizations and it is well worth waiting 1-3 days for a comprehensive background check.

You may still be asking why not?  I watch CSI and they can tell us everything in a split second by keying information into a database or lifting a fingerprint off of a glass.  This makes for great TV but the criminal record system in the U.S. is disconnected and this is an impossibility.

Let me explain why our comprehensive background checks cannot be completed instantly:

  • County Criminal Search:  We have developed new technology that allows us to search county courts through our system.  It might reduce our turnaround time from 3 days to 1 but we still require a review of the report and any possible records to determine they are reportable under federal, state or local laws.
  • Records Need Verified:  Any possible record found in a database MUST be verified with the court of record to comply with the Fair Credit Reporting Act.  This protects your organization and the applicant.
  • Re-Check of National Sex Offender Registry: Our national criminal database contains information from sex offender registries but we take it one step further and manually re-check all applicant names against the National Sex Offender Registry.
  • SHS Client Services Representatives Review ALL Reports:  This provides protection to your organization and your applicants.  It also makes your reports completely actionable if there is undesirable information.

The bottom line is employees are a huge investment and you have made a wise decision to implement employee background checks so let’s make sure we do them correctly.  Instant background checks are attractive and promise the moon but in reality leave organizations vulnerable to an unsuitable hire and expose us to the risk of a negligent hiring lawsuit.

Download our 10 Things to Know Before Hiring a Background Screening Firm and make sure the firm understands best practices.

Are you concerned with your turnaround time?  Leave us a comment below.