Brotherhood Mutual Special Pricing

We have partnered with Brotherhood Mutual Insurance Co. for more than 10 years to provide comprehensive background screening solutions to their churches and ministries. 

RefLynk is our new product for volunteer organizations.  We know from research that 80% of sex offenders do NOT have a criminal history so we must find other ways of uncovering predatory behaviors.  RefLynk is an automated reference checking software that will integrate with the background check process.

RefLynk Case Study

Community Bible Study came to use with a problem 2 years ago.  They have more than 10,000 volunteers.  Each volunteer was required to provide 3 references.  That resulted in a minimum of 3 telephone calls IF the reference answered and provided feedback.  Then each open-ended question was asked and written down and then reviewed.  A very time-consuming and labor-intensive process.

With RefLynk, we converted this to an automated process that includes all reminders.  The open-ended questions were converted to a Lickert Scale model so now each reference provides feedback to each questions on a scale of 1 to 5.  

RefLynk has sped up their process and removed hours of labor in calling and compiling reference data.

Paperless Processing




Our process is completely paper-free. 

We can configure a link for your volunteers to e-sign for the background check, enter their data and even pay for the background check if you want that option.

Coming Soon......

The following services will be coming in early 2018

  • Church Volunteer Online Training

  • ArrestAlert Real-Timer Arrest Monitoring

  • Security Assessments & Training

  • SafeRecruiter Community Volunteer Pools (share volunteers throughout the community)

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