Caroline Ramsey Hamilton

Risk & Security LLC

Caroline Ramsey Hamilton is a leading expert on Active Shooter Prevention and Response.  She is a member of the Chiefs of Police Working Group, a Public-Private Partnership to create a new standard for Protection of our Schools, K-12, as well as Colleges and Universities with Chiefs of Police throughout Florida.

She has been a Security Analyst for over 20 years, and was a Charter Member of the Project to Create a Public School Risk Assessment Program  in 1990, in conjunction with the National Institute of Justice and the Criminal Science Division of Eastern Kentucky University under a grant from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

With over twenty-years of experience in all threat events, including Active Shooter, Workplace

Violence and other forms of violence, related to reducing liability and increasing compliance.

She is an expert on regulatory compliance including working with building security models for schools, for healthcare and hospitals, for the Nuclear Regulatory Commission to design a protocol for Nuclear Generators, and a Risk Model for the Pentagon Force Protection Agency (PFPA).

She is the President of Risk & Security LLC, the world’s leading security risk assessment company, working with Dr. Donald Miller, and a team of  special forces risk assessment experts.

Ramsey-Hamilton was a Charter member of the U.S. NIST Risk Models Workshop and served on the working group to create a Defensive Information Warfare Risk Model, for the Secretary of Defense for C4I. She has worked on Active Shooter Models for PFPA, for DOD’s Technical Support Working Group, creating risk models for Nuclear Facilities, Security for Dams and Substations, FEMA 428 for Safe Schools, Colleges and Universities, and Hospital Facilities Risk Models, and Medication Error models for pediatric patients.

Ramsey-Hamilton has created many public schools, colleges and universities. School security and safety risk models for a variety of facilities, including State and Federal agencies.  She creates custom workplace violence, active shooter prevention, risk and threat assessment programs for Facilities Security, Schools, and College Security,  Hospital Security, Homeland Security, FERC, NERC, DHS, FEMA, and NFPA, and including federal, state and local governments.

Caroline has worked with the Florida Hospital Association on Active Shooter Security Risk Assessments, and was the featured speaker at their Annual Airport Security Symposium on the Active Shooter Strategies for Airports.

Ramsey-Hamilton received the Anti-Terrorism Accreditation Board Lifetime Achievement Award. She speaks at security conferences around the world, and also speaks at all major security conferences about preventing active shooters, and workplace violence.

She has conducted over 1000 security risk assessments including both Active Shooter risk, Facility Security risk, and Schools Risk assessments. She has created custom software programs for the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, the California Department of Judicial Services, the National Institute of Justice, the Department of Homeland Security, and many other organizations, both public and private.

She has published articles in dozens of professional journals, including SecurityInfoWatch, Defense Journal, Florida Hospital Association, ASIS Security Management, and the Computer Security Journal. She has performed security risk assessment around the world, including Sheikh Khalifa Medical Center in the United Arab Emirates for the Cleveland, Clinic, the Australia Defense Forces, the South Australian Police, the Japan Defense Department, the City of Chiang Mai, Thailand, the Taiwan Defense Department and many others.