Isaac Wynne

Isaac Wynne: An Internship Turns into a Career

Isaac Wynne
Wabash College Class Of 2019
Religion Major & Business Minor B.A.

My time with SafeHiring Solutions began in May of 2017 as a Business Development Intern. I had just finished my sophomore year at Wabash College, and this was my first internship experience. I didn’t know what to expect. All I knew was that I had a chance to work in Business Development for a Wabash College alum, Mike McCarty, whom I had only met in my interview a few months prior. I honestly didn’t really know what fell under the “business development” umbrella either, but I was ready to find out.

I had seen the portrayal of internships in many movies and TV shows, so I was prepared to be treated one of two ways: a coffee-getter or an actual employee. Fortunately for me, it was the latter. From day one, I was tasked with meaningful projects that not only taught me the SafeHiring Solutions business, but also taught me what it will take to work for SafeHiring Solutions. It is a fast-paced environment with an amazing staff whose commitment to the company and to security is unmatched. I feel very fortunate to have my first and only office experience with this group of people.

Everyone at the company was (and still is) extremely friendly. Everyone was always willing to answer my questions, even though I was only an intern and it may have been an inconvenience to them. My first summer included work ranging from company research to making sales calls. I never felt out of place, and I always felt like I was part of the team. The inclusion I felt since day one has been a major contributor to my success at SafeHiring Solutions. Following my first summer, SafeHiring Solutions offered me a position as a Business Development Associate, which allowed me to work for the company after the eight week internship.

While working for SafeHiring Solutions throughout my junior year, the summer of 2018, and my senior year as a Business Development Associate, I was granted many opportunities to gain experience in numerous aspects of the company. I worked on projects involving research, data organization, data entry, prospecting, sales, marketing, client retention, and client services. Through all of these experiences, I was able to figure out what I was most interested in and what my skill set could bring to the company. With the help of Mike McCarty (CEO) and Brigitt Klaum (VP of Customer Advocacy), I was able to mold myself to fit into the role I have today.

Upon graduation this past May, I assumed my new role as Business Development Specialist. Like I have the past few years, I currently work in a few different areas of the company, not specializing in one realm or another. My day-to-day activities can range from sales, to client services, to training new clients, to client retention. I enjoy being able to do different things and being able to work in different areas of the company. I’m thankful for my time with SafeHiring Solutions while being at Wabash College because it taught me to be adaptable and helped me learn all about each facet of the company. The experience and training I received during my internship helps me everyday.

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Without my internship experience, my skill set would be vastly different. I wouldn’t have the ability to be as adaptable as I am now simply because not many other companies would have been able to give me the experience and training that I was given in this internship. I am extremely grateful to Wabash College and SafeHiring Solutions for giving me this opportunity. Through my work here, I have learned countless skills, I have met some fantastic people, and I have been granted the chance to work for a company with a commitment to helping others day in and day out. I look forward to growing in the company and seeing where my experiences continue to take me.

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