Pete Just

CTO, MSD Wayne Township Schools

Pete is the Co-founder and Chairman of the Indiana Chief Technology Officer's Council (2010-2013) and is also a Certified Educational Technology Leader (CETL). He is one of the twelve charter members of the Indiana Department of Education's eLearning Leadership Cadre. Pete was elected to the CoSN National Board in 2014 and was Chairman of the CoSN14 conference. He desires to help technology leaders be empowered with the resources needed to lead well in their own school systems. Pete’s numerous presentations at the state and national level promote his district's initiatives and the lessons learned. He has taught online graduate classes in both educational leadership and educational technology as an adjunct professor for Indiana University. Dedicated to using technology to enhance learning and opportunity, Pete’s passion is in giving all students the chance to fulfill their God--given potential.

Formerly a biology teacher, Pete taught high school science and media for thirteen years. Convinced that technology has the power to be an equalizer and empower learners, his mission has been to understand technology trends and best educational practices and enable the systemic changes to make them a reality for staff and students. With a passion for digital learning opportunities, he implements technology initiatives that focus on the core of education - our classrooms. Involved in the launch of Indiana's first online school in 1999 and additional online and blended programs including the recent launch of Achieve Virtual Education Academy in 2010, he has an understanding of what it takes to make a school successful online. He also has led the township's technology application of UDL by creating digital learning spaces of all thousand district classrooms. With the support of his team, the MSD of Wayne Township has successfully created environments to allow students multiple pathways to graduation and enabling long term successes.