Automate Your Reference Checks

Our integration with RefLynk provides access to the most innovative AI recruiting technology available. RefLynk is a text-based software that can provide comprehensive reference feedback on your candidates for employment, volunteers, internships or vendors.


Alerts & Notifications

Text & email notifications when reference surveys are completed.


Automated Reminders

Auto reminders every 12 hours.


Auto Complete

Customize requirements i.e # references, type of reference


Candidate Driven

Give the candidate responsibility for initiating and collecting reference feedback via RefLynk.


Morning Digest

Send status report to your inbox each morning.


Reference Declined

Reference can decline to review a candidate which requires candidate to add another reference


Why Volunteer Reference Checks?

  • 80% of Sexual Predators do NOT have a Criminal History

  • Gather feedback on character, integrity, fitness for volunteering

  • reflynk automation saves your labor & money


RefLynk Volunteer Case Study

community Bible.jpg

Community Bible Study came to us with a very time-consuming and labor-intensive



  • Manage more than 10,000 volunteers. 

  • Each volunteer was required to provide 3 references. 

  • That resulted in a minimum of 3 telephone calls IF the reference answered and provided feedback. 

  • Then each open-ended question was asked, recorded and reviewed.



  • Converted reference checks to automated process.

  • Volunteer enters all information

  • All reminders are automated and sent via text and/or email

  • Open-ended questions were converted to Lickert Scale

  • Each reference responded from on a scale from 1 to 5

  • Feedback aggregated to graphs for easy review

  • Candidate completes separate required survey



  • Reports completed in hours instead of days

  • Volunteer team focused on other daily tasks

  • Cost per candidate dropped significantly