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Paul Dvorak, Special Agent In Charge, U.S. Secret Service, Indianapolis Field Office.  

As Special Agent in Charge of the Indianapolis Field Office, Paul Dvorak is responsible for managing protective responsibilities for our nation’s leaders, and investigations impacting the financial infrastructure and payment system in the State of Indiana. Mr. Dvorak was appointed the Indianapolis 500 Federal Coordinator by the Secretary of Homeland Security for several years.

Mr. Dvorak was previously assigned to Secret Service Headquarters where he oversaw the travel logistics for more than 6,000 employees in support of the President and Vice President’s domestic and international travel. As a supervisor in the Dignitary Protective Division, Mr. Dvorak coordinated the overall security plan for two United Nations General Assemblies attended by over 350 world leaders. He also managed logistics for visits of foreign dignitaries to the United States, including Pope Benedict XVI and Queen Elizabeth II.

Mr. Dvorak served on the Presidential Protective Division during the George W. Bush Administration where he conducted protective advances and physical security. He began his career in the Birmingham Field Office as a criminal investigator. Mr. Dvorak is certified as Senior Executive Service by the U.S. Office of Personnel Management.


Tony Vespa, Founder, Vespa Group

Tony is the founder of Vespa Group, a security and technology consulting firm headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana.  He holds a B.S. in Computer Science, is a distinguished graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy, and completed six overseas deployments during his time in the Service.  He is an expert in intelligence collection, exploitation, and fusion and has extensive experience in U.S. interagency and foreign government collaboration.

Tony has a passion for solving complex problems and is committed to having a profound impact on our national security through innovation, collaboration, and economic development.  He is actively engaged with key Indiana stakeholders such as the Indiana Office of Technology, Indiana Economic Development Corporation, National Center for Complex Operations, and the Cyber Leadership Alliance.

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Dottie Davis, Director Of Security, Fort Wayne Community Schools

Dottie is the Directory for Security for the Fort Wayne Community Schools (FWCS) and is responsible for the safety and security of approximately 30,000 students, 4,500 employees and 63 buildings.

Pior to joining FWCS, Dottie was a 31 year veteran of the Fort Wayne City Police Department where she held the rank of Deputy Chief and served as the Director of Training for the Fort Wayne Police Training Center.  She has advanced training in hostage negotiations, mental illness, supervision, internal affairs investigations and family violence.  Dottie is a 2003 graduate of the National FBI Academy Session #212.

Dottie is a recognized expert on family violence and provides training and consulting on prevention of family violence nationally and internationally for organizations such as the International Association of Women Police, National District Attorneys Association, Indiana Coalition Against Domestic Violence and the Indiana Law Enforcement Training Board.


Doug Shelton, Program Mgr, Appriss, Inc/ Ret. Commander Indiana State Police

Doug serves as a Program Manager for Appriss, Inc. Louisville, KY. He collects and details project requirements. Doug is required to maintain his security clearance and meet all CJIS security requirements. He consults the client on criminal history and firearm licensing related matters.

Prior to his work with Appriss, he served 26 years with the Indiana State Police. Doug held a variety of positions during his career including Trooper, Sergeant, District Commander at Lowell and Indianapolis and Commander Records Division for over seven years. His last assignment was Commander of the Laboratory Division. As Commander of the Records Division, he managed and oversaw the Central Repository for Criminal History Information. In addition to the Central Repository, Doug was responsible for the Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS), firearms Licensing and Vehicle Crash Records.

Doug represented Indiana for seven years on SEARCH, the National Consortium for Criminal History Information and Sharing. SEARCH is a nonprofit organization governed by a Membership Group of governor appointees from the 50 States, the District of Columbia, and the territories.

He testified before the Indiana Legislature on Criminal History, Firearms Licensing and Crash Records issues. He provided assistance and direction to other state agencies regarding fingerprint-based national background checks for employees, volunteers and licensees.

Doug is a graduate on the 191st Session of the FBI National Academy 1997. He holds a Master’s Degree in Public Affairs and a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice both from Indiana University Northwest.


Mike Greenwald, Systems Engineer, Central Security & Communications

Mike has over 38 years of commercial and institutional security and alarm, fire, access control, video and integrated systems experience. Mike has been with Central Security & Communications (CSC) since 2002.  Before coming to CSC, Mike worked as an executive at Interface Security, Securitylink and ACT Security.

Through his extensive experience, Mike has developed knowledge and skills in selling, coordinating, managing and planning multiple projects in multiple trades including, security, electrical and communication. This experience and expertise has allowed Mike to successfully sell and manage projects in occupied facilities and campuses while minimizing interruption once construction begins. He has also managed offices and regions along with starting several security companies.

Select Project Experience

  • Wishard Hospital
  • Simon Headquarters
  • SMC
  • Warren Township Schools
  • IRS
  • Indianapolis Motor Speedway
  • Cook Medical
  • Indiana State Board of Health
  • Star Financial health
  • Lutheran Hospital, Ft. Wayne, IN
  • Vera Bradley
  • Kite Property Group
  • Washington Township Schools
  • Pike Township Schools
  • VA Hospital
  • IU Foundation
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Pete Just, CTO, MSD Wayne Township Schools

Pete is the Co-founder and Chairman of the Indiana Chief Technology Officer's Council (2010-2013) and is also a Certified Educational Technology Leader (CETL). He is one of the twelve charter members of the Indiana Department of Education's eLearning Leadership Cadre. Pete was elected to the CoSN National Board in 2014 and was Chairman of the CoSN14 conference. He desires to help technology leaders be empowered with the resources needed to lead well in their own school systems. Pete’s numerous presentations at the state and national level promote his district's initiatives and the lessons learned. He has taught online graduate classes in both educational leadership and educational technology as an adjunct professor for Indiana University. Dedicated to using technology to enhance learning and opportunity, Pete’s passion is in giving all students the chance to fulfill their God--given potential.

Formerly a biology teacher, Pete taught high school science and media for thirteen years. Convinced that technology has the power to be an equalizer and empower learners, his mission has been to understand technology trends and best educational practices and enable the systemic changes to make them a reality for staff and students. With a passion for digital learning opportunities, he implements technology initiatives that focus on the core of education - our classrooms. Involved in the launch of Indiana's first online school in 1999 and additional online and blended programs including the recent launch of Achieve Virtual Education Academy in 2010, he has an understanding of what it takes to make a school successful online. He also has led the township's technology application of UDL by creating digital learning spaces of all thousand district classrooms. With the support of his team, the MSD of Wayne Township has successfully created environments to allow students multiple pathways to graduation and enabling long term successes.