What Makes SafeHiring Different?

Safety & Security Is What We Live

The Leadership Team & Advisory Boards of SafeHiring Solutions include decades of law enforcement, U.S. Secret Service, Navy Seal & State Police Commanders of Criminal Record Divisions.

Comprehensive Risk Management Solutions

Background Checks

We provide comprehensive background checks for employment, volunteers, tenants, & vendors.  Our reports are only limited  if required by federal, state or local laws.

Visitor Management

SafeVisitor is the only visitor management system integrated with comprehensive  background checks.  Approved high frequency visitors use a mobile app with GeoFencing.


 RefLynk is a comprehensive online reference checking software.  Let RefLynk text your candidate an invite to enter references and then text their references to complete the feedback.

arrest monitoring

Background screening should be an ongoing process.  Our ArrestMonitor allows you to receive real-time alerts when an employee, volunteer, vendor or tenant is arrested.  

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Industry Specific Background Checks

K-12 schools

We have conducted more than 750,000 K-12 background checks.   Every employee at SHS has a child, sibling or grandchild in a school that we provide screening services.



We provided comprehensive screening solutions to a wide range of healthcare clients ranging from large hospital networks to hundreds of home health care agencies.



We have used education over the past decade to transform the low quality volunteer background checks that permeate the internet.  Volunteer screening requires more than an instant search and recent court cases support this.


More than 3,000 churches & ministries entrust their background screening to us.  We partner with many of the insurance companies serving churches.



We help organizations screen employees & navigate the the FCRA, state and local laws to ensure your screening program is compliant.


Higher Education

We partner with many large and small colleges & universities to provide background screening services for their employees, vendors and/ or students that are conducting practical work in the field.


A vendor screening program is critical to ensure those who are entering your organization do not pose any risk to staff or property.  


Financial Institutions

Financial institutions operate in a geo-political environment that is highly regulated to ensure the highest level of security.



Ensure that your renters are who they say they are and have a trusted credit history.  The safety of your community should also be a high priority mission of property management.

Paperless Processing

Candidate Driven Solutions

All of our software systems have removed paper processes and replaced them with e-processes that can even included a candidate paying for all or part of their background check with a credit or debit card.

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