Industry Leading Background Checks

SafeHiring Solutions is one of the most respected background screening firms in the U.S.  Our leadership team has decades of experience in law enforcement, criminal records, security & technology and are routinely invited to testify or advise policymakers on best practices in background screening


ArrestAlert is a new solution that changes all the rules in background screening.  Our integration with more than 80% of the jails in the U.S. allows us to offer ArrestAlert as:

  • Pre-Employment. Find criminal history outside areas in which a candidate or employee has lived or worked.

  • On-Going. Real-time monitoring can reduce the cost of re-checks and provide alerts that can be acted upon immediately while ensuring that an employee, volunteer, vendor or tenant who is arrested of a violent offense is uncovered immediately rather than waiting on the annual re-check.

Employment Screening Solutions

Employment screening involves multiple solutions to ensure your candidates do not have anything in their history that would preclude them from being hired.  Comprehensive screening packages will include:


Core Package

  • SSN Trace

  • National Criminal Database

  • National Sex Offender Search

  • County Criminal Courts

  • Federal Criminal Courts


Industry/ Position Specific

  • Driving Records

  • Employment Verifications

  • Employment Credit Reports

  • Department of Child Services Index Checks

  • Automated Reference Checks

  • ArrestAlert

  • HealthCare Sanctions

Volunteer Screening Solutions

The background screening industry has not always been transparent about volunteer background checks.  This has led to a proliferation of cheap background checks and reliance on instant databases.  This leaves volunteer organizations vulnerable to accepting a volunteer who has a violent history that did not show up in the cheap search.  A single database search is not complete and has a high failure rate even for sex offenders.

A quality volunteer screening program should consist of the following solutions as a minimum:


Best Practices

  • SSN Trace

  • National Criminal Database

  • National Sex Offender Search

  • County Criminal Courts


highly Recommended


Church Screening

Safe Hiring Solutions provides comprehensive church volunteer background checks to more than 3,000 churches and ministries across the U.S.  Our church screening program includes partnerships with:

  • Brotherhood Mutual Insurance Company

  • Mennonite Mutual Insurance Company

  • Liberty Mutual Insurance Company

  • Astra Insurance Company

  • Hylant Insurance Company

  • Wright Insurance & Risk Management Company

K-12 Screening Solutions

SafeHiring Solutions was launched in 2004 to help schools mitigate their risk with employees, volunteers and vendors.  We have conducted  more than 750,000 background checks for schools.  Our CEO Mike McCarty is frequently invited to testify in legislative hearings on best practices in background screening.

In 2014 we developed SafeVisitor Solutions for schools to help vet and manage visitors that are entering their schools and having contact with children.  SafeVisitor is the only visitor management system in the U.S. that is fully integrated to provide national background checks on your most frequent visitors like volunteers and vendors.

Many larger insurance companies serving schools endorse our products, e.g. Liberty Mutual, Wright Insurance, Astra Insurance, Hylant and Brotherhood Mutual.

We partner with RefLynk to provide automated reference checks and exit interviews.  Research confirms that 80% of sex offenders do not have a criminal history, so we must use great tools like RefLynk to uncover red-flags with individuals that prey on our children,

Vendor Screening Solutions

A vendor background check program is critical for all organizations to ensure visitors entering your facility do not pose a risk of violence to your employees.  Since there is no industry standard definition of a "background check" it is important for organizations to set the criteria and manage the process.

In 2014, we built SafeVisitor which includes SafeVendor.  SafeVendor sets a standard and criteria for becoming SafeVendor Certified.  The certification allows vendors to enter any facility using the SafeVisitor system and manages all of the re-certification background checks.  

SafeVendor saves organizations significant money because instead of having to conduct background checks on their employees multiple times a year and for different projects, they can conduct one comprehensive background check annually.