ArrestAlert: A New Tool for your HR Tool Box

Employee background checks have proliferated over the past 15 years, as well as the litigation surrounding the use and misuse of background checks. 

And honestly, there has been nothing flashy or new from the background screening industry for a long time.

Until now.

Safe Hiring Solutions has launched ArrestAlert which is a real-time monitoring service that can provide real notifications if one of your employees, volunteers or vendors is arrested. 

ArrestAlert has an integration with more than 90% of the jails in the U.S.

How does ArrestAlert work?

First, it is a non-FCRA service.  What does that mean? It means that ArrestAlert should be no different than if you are notified by telephone, newspaper, or an employee that they are arrested. 

No adverse action should be taken on this alert.

This is simply a real-time alert that allows you to initiate your internal policies and investigation.

What is the benefit of ArrestAlert?

  1. It closes the gap between someone being arrested for a prohibitive offense and you being notified, especially if it happens away from where they live or work.   

    A couple recent case studies:

    1. Bus driver arrested for DUI on a Saturday night.  School notified, initiated investigation and remove employee from driving pending adjudication.

    2. Coach arrested for sexual solicitation of a minor.  School was NOT using ArrestAlert and it was 6 weeks before they were notified and removed the coach from access to teenage girls on his team.

  2. Bundle with a pre-employment  background check to uncover criminal records outside of where the applicants live and work. 

    ArrestAlert also has a pre-search that can be used as a trigger for Safe Hiring Solutions to uncover arrests over the past 10 years and then research with the courts to determine adjudication. 

    This is a game changer for a comprehensive screening program. And it can be added to a screening program annually for less than a cup of Starbucks coffee.

  3. Reduces cost of background check renewals. 

    A comprehensive employee background screening program MUST include re-checks on some interval.  Law enforcement typically works on a 5 year interval. We both know a lot can change in 5 years. 

    Adding ArrestAlert can save you significantly.

    Most organizations move to longer intervals or do away with re-checks because of the real-time monitoring which can be as less than a cup of coffee a year per employee and as less than a donut a year for volunteers.

  4. ArrestAlert is integrated with SafeVisitor Solutions

    If you are managing employees, vendors, volunteers or any classification of visitor in SafeVisitor then the as soon as the person is arrested, SafeVisitor moves them to an Under Review category and triggers a text and/or email to your team to initiate and investigation. 

    While Under Review, the person cannot scan into the facility so it removes access until they are moved back to approved.

Please click here to learn more about how ArrestAlert can take your employee background screening program to the next level.